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Gilmar has a total of 27 sales teams working in Madrid, 5 teams in Costa del Sol, one in Sevilla, one in Cádiz and one in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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More than 30 years of experience

Three decades dedicated to meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Gilmar - the guarantee of a leader

We have a reached a priviliged place within the Real Estate Sector.

Gilmar Real Estate Consulting is a company dedicated to the brokerage of choice in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate property located in the best residential areas in Madrid and Costa del Sol, as well as performing all the administrative and after-sales services that our customers ask for and expect.

After more than 35 years in business, Gilmar has achieved a place of privilege in the Real Estate Sector (...) "We cover all real estate needs: purchase, sale, and rental of housing, offices, commercial space, building sites... and any other operation connected with the real estate industry."

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Confianza de clientes

With the trust from thousands of customers

Since Gilmar's founding, professionalism, the dedication to excellent service, and our sales specialization network have become the cornerstones of the company . Thanks to these strengths, thousands of people have relied on Gilmar.

Commercial advice, market studies, the adaptation of supply to the meet needs of the customer, as well as legal, technical and fiscal advice are just some of the Gilmar services that are provided to you through our specialized departments and personal Advisory Staff that allow you to achieve excellence in service.